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If you’re self‑employed and looking for the better HSE projects, then Paltrock may just be the perfect match!

We gladly work with freelance or contract HSE professionals. We’re looking for specialists who subscribe to our way of working and have the right background and experience. Ideally, you should have a degree from an institute of higher education or ample equivalent and relevant HSE experience primarily with engineering and technology industry clients.

At Paltrock HSE, we work in a transparent fashion so that you always know exactly where you stand. So, when we have a suitable assignment for you, we’ll clearly state what our selling price and margins are. We already have a sizeable pool of highly experienced contractors but are always looking for new self‑employed professionals for our projects.

The benefits for our contractors include:

  • interesting, long‑term assignments at leading industrial companies
  • zero acquisition or negotiation (we do this for you)
  • short billing periods (average 60–90 days) and payment term (less than 35 days after invoicing)
  • inclusion in assignment pool (subject to interview)
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