Paltrock HSE & Talented Professionals

If you’re an HSE manager or specialist looking to join a dynamic team of professionals where you’ll be able to reach your full potential, then Paltrock may just be the perfect match!

Who or what is Paltrock HSE?

Paltrock is an HSE service provider. We provide our clients a wide range of health, safety and environmental solutions, focusing exclusively on complex HSE issues. We take on responsibility for our clients’ entire HSE programmes with our highly qualified professionals and interim managers, so that our clients can focus fully on their core businesses.

Want to work in the HSE big league?

Working at Paltrock means working in the HSE big league. We don’t only provide our clients with quality, we treat our employees the same way. This is why we’ve opted for a form of employment contract that’s more in keeping with modern times – we call it a corporate intrapreneurship. Within the framework of a permanent employment contract, our intrapreneurs have full freedom within a given scope to manage our top‑level industrial clients and their assignments. Our contract offers a fixed salary and several options to share in our company’s growth and profits. This has proven to be a very successful formula that has already attracted many highly experienced HSE professionals.

How does it work?

First of all, you enter into permanent employment with us as a consultant. Next up, we offer you interesting projects and consultancy assignments within our clients’ organizations for which you earn a share of the revenue generated. As a Paltrock HSE consultant, you earn far more this way than you would with a regular employment contract. And what’s more, you’re assured of a fixed base salary too.

Freedom remains an important element of your work as a Paltrock consultant. You retain control (project ownership) over matters such as project revenue, project type, travel times, etc. We essentially become partners in our company’s success.

We’re looking for HSE consultants who match the following profile:

  • five years’ relevant HSE experience (minimum)
  • degree from institute of higher professional education (or equivalent working experience preferably with engineering/technical background)
  • supplementary Safety Studies / Management of Safety, Health & Environment (MoSHE) qualification(s) (preferred)
  • good communication skills & strong analytical ability
  • independent, self-confident & persuasive
  • alert to new opportunities & potential new assignments

We offer:

  • only the better projects (with leading industrial companies)
  • a team of enthusiastic and highly experienced fellow professionals
  • a permanent employment contract and excellent remuneration
  • a challenging role with freedom for intrapreneurship within a given scope
  • numerous activities aimed at knowledge sharing and networking in an informal setting
  • a personal continuing professional education (CPE) budget
  • good holiday entitlement
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